Why Larch Hills is Expanding

The present Larch Hills chalet was built over 40 years ago and has served the club well. However, with the success of the many programs offered there are many times when there is insufficient space. At the large ski club meeting in February 2016, an 87% approval was given to expanding and upgrading the present chalet. This would provide a warm space with enough room to accommodate the hundreds of adults and children on the hill every week.

Some of the uses which are especially important for providing sufficient space on cold days are:

  1. Space for the over 100 junior racers to meet with their coaches and stay warm before and after training sessions
  2. Space for the over 100 jack rabbits to meet with their leaders and stay warm before and after ski lessons
  3. Space for the participants in provincial sanctioned races such as the Midget Championships, BC Cup races, and BC Championships which Larch Hills periodically hosts
  4. Space for the more than 500 participants in the annual Reino Keski-Salmi Loppet
  5. Space for more than 500 participants in the Elementary Schools Pirate Loppet
  6. Space for the weekly school ski programs which see hundreds of students come up to Larch Hills to learn to ski and practice for the Pirate loppet
  7. Space for the weekly get-togethers by the Lady Striders, Wednesday Wenches, and Thursday Geezers

The popularity of snow shoeing as well as skiing has made Larch Hills a destination for many groups that organize full day events that make use of the kitchen for providing hot food and drinks – home schoolers, school classes, and community groups to name a few.

For more information on the Chalet Expansion including press releases and renders of the proposed chalet, please visit the LHNS Chalet Expansion webpage.