Judge Carolyn Wonacott

Carolyn agreed to be a judge for Dancing with the Shuswap Stars “because she was asked”. Carolyn is very happy to help out even though she epitomizes the quote: “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.”

The Shuswap has been home to Carolyn and her family for twelve years. She is well known in our community as the artistic director of Shuswap Dance Centre. The exploration of dance has been her passion and profession for most of her adult life. She has lived and worked in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, California and Mexico and has always been busy with either performing or teaching dance. Her favourite style of dance is ballet. She has enjoyed chaperoning trips to California and New York for her senior pupils to give them the opportunity to explore dance career opportunities.

Carolyn and her husband Kevin, as well as their two daughters, enjoy all that the beautiful Shuswap area has to offer. They own and operate Shuswap Total Fitness and Junglemania.

Judge Tracy Hughes

Who can forget Tracy’s wonderful Cha Cha last year when she danced her way into the hearts of the crowd and won their support at the inaugural Dancing with the Shuswap Stars event. The committee for this year’s event is pleased to welcome Tracy back again, but this time as a judge.

Tracy shared about her dance experience that “those were the first lessons I had ever taken, other than a little ballet as a kid. I enjoyed it so much I didn’t stop when the competition was over. I really missed dance so I have continued to take lessons from City Dance ever since.” Tracy has now experienced dancing Bachata, Kizomba and Salsa which are all Latin dances and she has also learned to dance some of the more traditional ballroom dances of which she enjoys their structure and grace.

When not dancing, Tracy is kept very busy with her three children, a full time job and a dog. Tracy enjoys hiking, biking, and skiing and also manages to find time to play in a soccer league for women.

Tracy’s children have been in the Jackrabbit ski program for more than five years. Tracy says, “I have been crammed into the chalet after Jackrabbits too many times. It’s a great cause and such a fun event, I’m so glad they welcomed me back in a different capacity this year. Happy to help.”

Judge David Izik-Dzurko

David Izik-Dzurko has been a member of the Larch Hills Nordic Society for over ten years. He has been the announcer for provincial club ski events held at the Larch Hills.

David’s dancing experience goes back to grade seven where he recalls standing against the gym wall during a school dance for most of the song, Stairway to Heaven, before he could muster the nerve to ask a girl to dance. Since then his greatest experience with dancing has been as a “dance dad” supporting the efforts of his ballerina daughter. His favourite styles of dancing are ballet, Latin, ballroom and especially Argentine Tango.

Being on stage before a live audience is not new to David as he has performed in choirs, concert bands, operas and even in a rock band. As a soloist, David has performed as a singer, pianist and occasionally as an Elvis impersonator. David has greatly enjoyed his twenty-two years as a music teacher as he has been able to provide the opportunity for students to experience the joy of performing. As a music teacher in School District #83, and in ten years of providing a summer musical theatre program, David has directed and choreographed dozens of musicals.

As a teacher, performance assessment is constant and David brings a unique perspective to his role as a judge for Dancing with the Shuswap Stars. We thank David for taking on the role of judge again this year.

MC Steve Fabro

We are fortunate and very happy to have Steve Fabro as our Master of Ceremonies for the Dancing with the Shuswap Stars event again this year. In the past he has been M.C. for the Rotary District Conference and for the B.C. Volunteer Firefighters spring seminar. He has also held the pivotal microphone position for competitions such as the Salty Dog Enduro Mountain Bike Race in Salmon Arm and the B.C. Midget Nordic Championships at Larch Hills. His wit and ready humour have gone a long way to keeping his play by play announcing entertaining as well as informative.

While Steve enjoys dancing with his wife – surprise, Sharon, he has no favourite dances and has never competed in any dance competitions nor done any dance choreographic work. Maybe that lies ahead of him.

Some activities that Steve enjoys are mountain biking, Nordic skiing and fly fishing. Steve is honored to be our M.C. again this year since he feels that the funds raised are going to a good cause and he looks forward to enjoying the enlarged chalet at Larch Hills.