Will Fazan & Lenette Zieber
This dynamic couple wear many hats in the community – they are both educators, with Lenette teaching
at Carlin Elementary and Middle School this September and Will teaching high school PE at A.L. Fortune
in Enderby. Married for just more than a year, the couple has a blended family of four children, plus two
dogs. They love to mountain bike, hike and take on renovation projects. They are also musical and enjoy
the arts ? while Will plays his guitar, Lenette supports him on the ukulele. The couple have taken a few
dancing lessons and Will is the guy that teaches the Grade 9 and 10 Dance units we all remember from
our high school days! But it’s a bucket list item for this energetic couple to dance in front of an audience,
especially when it means supporting Shuswap Hospice.