Tracy Noble
Caring for others is in Tracy’s nature. Her profession as a Registered Nurse involves teaching
for both the Healthcare Assistant program and soon Prenatal classes at Okanagan College.
She’s a mom of three kids, aged eight to 11.
She’s witnessed how valuable Shuswap Hospice’s services have been to families in her care
and throughout the community, so she is excited to be helping to support them.
Tracy also loves to dance and has taken to the stage to perform after taking an adult hip hop
class. Putting all of this together, just added up to a Dancing with the Shuswap Stars opportunity
that she did not want to miss.
In addition to a love of dance, she enjoys her Ladies Night Mountain Bike rides and playing in
the Shuswap Women’s Recreational Soccer league.
She also doesn’t hesitate to get involved in whatever activities her children might be involved
with. Tracy’s hoping her participation in this event will also encourage her children to remember
to take a step out of their comfort zone and invest in making a positive difference in the lives of