Melissa Franklin

Melissa has been involved with both the Larch Hills and Hospice, and she views both as very important parts of our community. Melissa has enjoyed hiking and snowshoeing at Larch Hills. When her father died, five years ago, Melissa was thankful that he was able to stay at home with the support of Hospice.

This won’t be Melissa’s first time performing in front of an audience, as years ago she performed in many plays at UVIC where she obtained a degree in Fine Arts. Her favourite dances are contemporary types like hip hop and jive, rather than classic ballroom styles. Growing up in Salmon Arm, Melissa did lots of dancing in Just for Kicks as “there wasn’t much else to do”. Now she has found lots to do in the Shuswap – very active in a fitness studio, mountain biking, downhill skiing, paddle boarding, hiking and sailing – “pretty much anything physical”. As a fitness instructor Melissa loves mentoring people to their potential.

Now Melissa has a chance to show her stuff performing the Jive with Orlando Robertson.

Instructor Orlando Robertson

Orlando started dancing five years ago. He caught on vewry quickly and started dancing almost every day of the week. Orlando then studied dance instruction with Jens Goerner in an instructor’s course held in Vernon. Orlando has been helping with instruction at Deep Creek Hall and in Vernon at City Dance. He has competed in dance competitions for the las three years as well as performed in dance shows in Vernon at the Performing Arts Center. Orlando’s favourite styles of dancing include Country, Ballroom and Tango.

Orlando was born in the Shuswap, but does not have a favourite vacation spot as he doesn’t have time for a vacation. During the day, he works as a carpenter and as a beekeeper. In the winter he skis at Larch Hills. Then in the evenings, he dances.