Dana was born and raised in Salmon Arm. She has been a teacher here for twenty years teaching math and PE. She wanted to be involved in this fund raiser because its a fun, well attended and well organized event that is supporting two great causes. She loves to dance and is excited to be taking part. She admits to being a Dancing with the Stars You Tube junkie and often watches clips of samba, cha cha and swing dancing. The Larch Hills has played a large role in her life as she grew up riding horses there and cross country skiing. As an adult she has biked and hiked at the Larch Hills and is still an energetic skier there. She also puts a lot of energy into Zumba, which she had a large group doing at the Relay for Life and also at a Trail Alliance Dance. As far as performing in front of a large group of people, this is something she does daily as a public school teacher and a fitness instructor. In her busy life she is supported by her wonderful husband, Stan, who has at times done a bit of eye rolling when he hears Dana’s latest scheme. We’ll have to watch Stan’s eyes as Dana vamps it up doing the Salsa.

Larry was born in Grande Prairie and grew up in Dawson Creek. He moved to Salmon Arm with his partner of thirteen years in 2015. He can often be found putting out fresh produce at Uptown Askew’s, which is a job he loves. He has a small dog, three adult step-children and six grandchildren. At Christmas he and his partner like to set up their building as a Christmas Village which is a fund raiser for the food bank.

Larry hasn’t ever been to Larch Hills, but “absolutely will”. He hasn’t made use of Hospice services either, but he likes to be involved in fund raising for good causes. So combining dancing with helping two good causes is a win-win for him. So he is up for the challenge. While he hasn’t performed recently, as a kid his mother used to enter him in talent shows. In high school – many years ago – he was a drama student. While this experience didn’t take him to Hollywood, it is taking him to center stage at Dancing with the Shuswap Stars. Larry appreciates and respects all kinds of dancing whether or not he can dance it. All we’re interested in this year is “Can he Salsa?”