Kate Boutilier and Peter Chalick
Kate and Peter are the owners of Flake Patisserie in Centenoka Park Mall, turning out high-end
treats to delight the palate. Trained as a pastry chef in both Canada and Switzerland, Kate
recently took her skills to television, and competed in the Food Network’s Spring Baking
Challenge program.
When not helping out with their baking operation, Peter is the General Manager of Oaks
Wellness Centre, helping those struggling with addiction. The couple are also busy raising three
young children, Harrison, Charlotte and Peter Jr. and enjoy taking road trips, eating out and
hanging out at the beaches around Shuswap Lake.
While Kate has danced growing up, this will be Peter’s first time trying to strap some dance
shoes onto his size 16 feet! The couple are up for the challenge of raising money for Shuswap
Hospice. Kate admits she’s pretty competitive, so she’s got her eye on our top trophy!