Josephene & Scott
Like many residents of the Shuswap, Josephene grew up in Salmon Arm, left the area to get her
education and career as a chiropractor underway. The lure of the Shuswap brought her and husband
Scott, who works in marketing, back to the area. Josephene now runs Elan Family Wellness at the
family’s five-acre property in the Shuswap. It’s a busy life for this couple with two daughters, pets, and
numerous farm animals. Other pastimes include archery and photography for Scott, while Josephene
spends her limited free time hiking, reading and gardening. But the idea of helping Shuswap Hospice is
bringing them out to raise money by learning and performing an energetic Quickstep for our
enthusiastic audience. Having experienced loss, this couple know the value of grief support and know
that the ultimate goal of their performance is to ensure Hospice’s valuable programs can continue to
help those in our region.