Jared and Andi are happy to be taking part in this fund raiser because they feel that “this is an amazing community that will always come together for a good cause. If showing the world our dance moves by participating in Dancing with the Shuswap Stars will raise money for the expansion of the Larch Hills Ski Chalet, then we are all in.” They both love the Larch Hills ski area and Jared says, “I am especially fond of larches and Andi loves hills so it is the perfect place for us. Seriously, we have both spent time snow-shoeing there and love what Larch Hills has to offer our community.”

Jared is the Vice Principal at Shuswap Middle School and Andi is a first grade teacher at Bastion Elementary School and even though they both work in front of a live audience every day, they feel that “dancing in front of adults is going to be different and take us out of our comfort zone.” Almost twenty years ago, Andi and Jared had to take a dance class as part of their degree studies. Now, Andi feels that her first graders put her to shame when they do Just Dance at school. Jared is more confident of his dance moves as he teaches a P.E. dance unit at Shuswap Middle School. As children of the 1990’s, their favourite style of dance is Moshing, so we will watch with interest to see whether their professional dance instructor, Nic, incorporates any Moshing into their Salsa routine.

Andi and Jared have lived in Salmon Arm for nine years and they have four wonderful children as well as a puppy. They are kept busy supporting all of their children’s activities. Andi also finds the time to volunteer as a Youth Soccer coach and as a Board Member of the Youth Soccer Association and Jared makes the time to volunteer as a volleyball coach.