Jack and Cappi Bowers
This father-daughter duo have dedicated their professional lives to supporting grieving families through
Bowers Funeral Home, which has been a family-run business in Salmon Arm since 1947. Their close
association with Hospice opened the door to offering their help in this dance fundraising escapade!
Helping others is a cornerstone of their family. Cappi provides counselling support in the community,
including support for first responders and those dealing with critical incidents. Jack has had a longtime
involvement with the Salmar Community Association, working to ensure Salmon Arm’s community-
owned theatre continues to support local programs and scholarships. In their off-hours, Jack is a
longtime triathlete, while Cappi is a runner and cyclist and enjoys mountain biking with her husband,
Mike. Now these two very busy people get to spend quality father-daughter time together learning the
fast, fun, triple-stepping, flicks and kicks of the Jive!