Rob, a mechanical engineer, is working out of the Canoe office for Gorman Brothers Lumber as a corporate project engineer/manager. Ingrid is a grade one teacher in the French immersion program at Bastion Elementary School.

Rob and Ingrid both enjoy adventure and so are excited to be a part of Dancing with the Shuswap Stars. In their words, “We are willing to give it a try. I (Ingrid) figure I would get a new dress and shoes out of it. But really, we would both love a new chalet at Larch Hills, so we’re willing to be a part of the huge group of people aiming for that goal.” Because they love to boat camp, ski and mountain bike, they are frequent users of the Larch Hills in all seasons. They have three children on the Larch Hills Race Team whom they shepherd up the ski hill three times a week for training and when not training, they all explore the backcountry on snowshoes or skis. They are very comfortable skiing in the dark with headlamps on. To Rob and Ingrid’s family, Larch Hills feels like their own backyard. Waiting for them when they get home from all their outdoor activities is their dog Jessie and a guinea pig named Peaches.

As to dancing, Ingrid will have to be the power hitter here as Rob has no dance experience. Ingrid, as a university student, participated as a member of UBC’s Ballroom Dance Club in the Western Canadian Ballroom Dancing Competition held at the Pan Pacific Hotel. Ingrid said about the competition that “it was a very exciting night and watching those professional dancers was inspiring. I don’t miss all those hours practising in high heels though.” Ingrid likes dancing the Cha Cha and the Rhumba whereas Rob prefers fishing. Rob has decided that he is willing to hang up his fishing rod for this good cause.