Alex Seal

Alex has a fairly long history with Larch Hills as he first explored the Larch Hills area twenty-four years ago while planning and clearing a route for an endurance trail riding competition. Was this bike riding or horse back riding – or a unicycle race?

Alex agreed to become a competitor because he and his wife, KJ, have enjoyed attending and working as volunteers for the previous two Dancing with the Shuswap Stars. Alex was often asked why he didn’t compete in Dancing with the Shuswap Stars as he and his wife are enthusiastic ballroom dancers and he has been very involved over the years at Larch Hills as a skier and a coach. A few years ago he took part in a Cha Cha routine before a small group of dance enthusiasts at City Dance. So being a competitor seemed like a natural progression. While he and KJ enjoy dancing Jive and Salsa the best, dancing the Hip Hop with Simone will be a totally different experience!

Most people know Alex through his involvement in a wide range of sports. He has competed in wrestling, judo, road cycling, mountain biking, paddling, running, triathlon, speed skating and cross country skiing. Some of his national age-class speed skating records still stand. At age fifty he took up unicycling and he can be seen riding to work at Jackson School and even riding uphill home again. If any of you have been hiking in the Rockies you may have come across Alex unicycling some of the mountainous trails. Now he’s into Hip Hop. Will he break any records? Or just Break Dance? Whatever, it will be entertaining.

Instructor Simone Goerner

Simone has been dancing since she was four years old and has been an instructor for eighteen years. She loves all styles of dancing, but particularly loves Hip Hop because it is such a high energy dance. Simone has been performing her whole life in festivals, concerts and shows in Munich, Germany, Vernon and Salmon Arm. She does all the choreography for her competitions and shows including Synergy Dance, Kelowna and Thunderstruck and Vernon Shine Festival. Simone is a property manager in Salmon Arm and teaches Hip Hop at City Dance in Vernon as well as being a mother to two young boys and running a hobby farm. In her spare time, she runs a Bed and Breakfast.